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Best Things to Do in Downtown Houston

Houston is a city constantly buzzing with energy. Whether you’re looking for a place to eat, drink, or explore, downtown Houston has something for everyone. There are unique restaurants, bars, and shops all over, as well as museums, parks, and other attractions. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the best things to do in downtown Houston!

Take the Double-Decker Bus Adventure

One of the best things to do in Houston is to take the double-decker bus tour. This open-topped bus tour takes you around downtown, so you can revel in all the city’s most popular sights without having to worry about getting lost. The bus tour has three specific pickup points conveniently located in downtown Houston. The best part is you can do the whole tour in just one sitting, or you can hop on and off as you please.

Explore the Downtown Houston Tunnel System

One of the cool things to do in downtown Houston is to explore the downtown tunnel system. This six-mile-long network of subterranean walkways connects more than 90 blocks, creating a surreal world filled with food courts, retail outlets, restaurants, cafes, and many more. You can easily access the tunnels through stairs with signposts and escalators, as well as download a map to make navigation easier.

Visit the Heritage Society Museum

There is no denying that one of the neatest things to do downtown is to visit the Heritage Society Museum. This museum is a unique collection of buildings with a lot of history as well as artifacts set in beautiful landscaped grounds in the heart of downtown Houston. The campus includes the city’s oldest building as well as one of the very first homes to boast an indoor kitchen. The picturesque timber church was established in the late 1800s, and each building is filled with antiques that transport visitors back in time to see how the first residents of Houston lived.

Explore the Church of Beer

One of the most unique things to do in downtown Houston is to visit the Saint Arnold Beer Garden and Restaurant, also known as the Church of Beer. The brewery offers tours, and the restaurant’s pavilion boasts wooden arches, stained glass windows, and religious art. This is the perfect place for beer lovers to explore and taste some of the best craft beer in Texas.

Visit the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts

The Hobby Center for the Performing Arts is one of Houston’s most popular cultural destinations. The facility features two state-of-the-art auditoriums: Zilkha Hall and Sarofim Hall. Together, they seat more than 3,000 guests. The Hobby Center is home to the Diana American Grill, a full-service restaurant. Popular performances at the Hobby Center include dramatic productions, musical concerts, and Broadway shows. Whether you’re a Houston native or a visitor to the city, the Hobby Center is sure to provide an enjoyable and enriching experience.

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